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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning - Bringing Life Back to Your Hardwood Floors



At Nelson Floor Cleaning, we are committed to preserving the timeless elegance of your hardwood floors. As a significant investment in your home, hardwood floors deserve special attention and care. Over time, foot traffic, spills, and everyday wear can take a toll on their appearance, causing them to lose their luster and appear dull and worn. That's where our comprehensive hardwood floor cleaning, buffing, and waxing services come in.

Our hardwood floor cleaning service is meticulously designed to restore the natural beauty of your floors and bring back their original shine. Our team of experienced technicians utilizes advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to provide a thorough and deep clean.

We go beyond surface-level cleaning, targeting built-up dirt, grime, and contaminants that have accumulated over time. By employing specialized equipment and effective cleaning methods, we remove stubborn stains, restore the sheen, and rejuvenate your hardwood floors to their former glory.

If your hardwood floors have been previously waxed and require wax removal, we have you covered. Our skilled technicians employ safe and effective techniques to emulsify and strip away old wax layers, eliminating built-up residue and allowing your floors to breathe freely once again.


Hidden beneath layers of accumulated wax or polish buildup, the original factory-engineered or site-finished polyurethane layer awaits. Our expert technicians have the solution to bring back the pristine beauty of your floors without the need for sanding. By removing the unwanted layers, we can unveil the natural brilliance and restore the authentic finish that was intended for your floors. Experience the true essence of your flooring without the hassle of sanding.

Trust the professionals at Nelson Floor Cleaning to enhance the appearance of your hardwood floors and leave them looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to impress. Our attention to detail, use of advanced techniques, and commitment to eco-friendly practices set us apart. Experience the transformation of your hardwood floors with our comprehensive services, including cleaning, buffing, waxing, and wax removal.


Laminate Floor Cleaning - Expert Cleaning for Immaculate Laminate Floors

Nelson Carpet Cleaning specializes in professional laminate floor cleaning to restore the original beauty of your floors. Laminate floors are known for their durability and low maintenance, but they still require regular cleaning to maintain their shine and longevity. Our skilled technicians use gentle yet effective cleaning techniques and specially formulated products to remove dirt, stains, and residue without causing any damage to the laminate surface. With our meticulous approach, we leave your laminate floors spotless, free from streaks, and looking as good as new. Experience the remarkable difference of expert laminate floor cleaning with Nelson Carpet Cleaning.


Engineered Wood Floor Cleaning - Preserving the Elegance of Your Engineered Wood Floors

Nelson Carpet Cleaning offers top-quality engineered wood floor cleaning services to revive and enhance the beauty of your floors. Engineered wood floors are a popular choice due to their aesthetic appeal and durability. However, they can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime over time, affecting their appearance and shine. Our skilled technicians understand the unique characteristics of engineered wood and utilize specialized cleaning techniques to ensure a deep and thorough clean. We use gentle yet

effective products to lift dirt and restore the natural beauty of your floors without causing any harm. Trust us to deliver outstanding results and help your engineered wood floors regain their stunning allure.

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Contact us today at 901.573.6437 to schedule your hardwood floor, laminate floor, or engineered wood floor cleaning service. We are ready to bring new life to your floors in our service areas!



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